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The success of The "Generations" Capital Campaign impacted 西顿霍尔预科学校 in a profound way, 感谢这么多预科校友的慷慨和善良, 家人和朋友. 在过去的六年里, we have been blessed to witness the construction of the state-of-the-art John J. 墨菲52科学中心, the completion of four athletic fields and three buildings at The 凯利运动综合大楼 (KAC), 改造18间教室, 以及加强预科学校的捐赠. These developments help ensure that The Prep can continue to advance, 同时保持足彩推荐软件app排名无与伦比的传统.

In 2017, The Prep surpassed its goal of $25,000,000 for the "Generations" Capital Campaign. 整体, $25,616,有323个捐助者认捐和现金筹集了196项, 这还不包括将近700美元,为布兰登·特夫林13周年纪念现场基金筹集了一万块.

In celebrations, between 2017 and 2019 , SHP held dedication ceremonies for The John J. 墨菲52科学中心, The Gentempo Biology Wing, The Finney Family Tennis Courts, Brendan  P. Tevlin ‘13 Field, The Billy Zimmermann ‘11 Scoreboard, Porcello Field, The Tony Esposito, Jr. 2008年,G .小卖部. Kelly Martin '77 Field, Tom and Nancy Farley '44 White Birch Grove, Robert C. 威廉姆斯先生. H'18记分牌,约翰B. Murray ' 59 Fieldhouse和Patrick M. sage '77教练员室.

The improvements made as a result of this campaign will be felt by generations of young men, 母校的校友和家人.

Msgr. Michael E. 凯利57,总裁- 2018年1月


  • 凯利运动综合大楼

    通过这次运动,足彩推荐软件app排名建造了两个棒球场, 五个网球场, 一个铺着草皮的训练场和布伦丹·P. 特夫林13场与周围的轨道, 更衣室设施, 一个租界馆和一个维修/储存大楼.
  • 养老

    捐赠基金在六年的竞选活动中不断增长. The Prep's endowment was in support of financial aid, The 格里芬桥梁计划, The Thomas R. Farley '44 西顿学者计划, faculty professional development, and campus renewal projects.
  • John J. 墨菲52科学中心

    2014年秋天,约翰. 墨菲52科学中心 was completed and opened its doors to our students. 目前,John J. Murphy ’52 Science Center is fully functional with state-of-the art equipment that will support Prep students for decades to come.



  • “世代”的目标是什么??

    《足彩推荐软件app排名》是25美元,000,000 campaign to fund major capital projects at our 120 Northfield Campus and the 凯利运动综合大楼 on Prospect Avenue. The Campaign was also focused on strengthening The Prep’s endowment.
  • How can I give to capital initiatives now that the "Generations" Campaign has ended?

    西顿霍尔预科学校 accepts pledged gifts to post-"Generations" capital initiatives which may be structured over a three-to-five year payment period. Gifts may be paid in the form of cash, stocks or securities, and credit cards. Please contact the Office of Institutional Advancement for more information about The Prep's most pressing needs and priorities at mcannizzo@semiboes.net or 973-736-6861.
  • 为什么这个运动被称为“世代”?

    The Prep’s third major capital campaign “Generations” celebrated the many young Prep men whose fathers and grandfathers are Prep alumni. Legacy students account for  about 10% of the 960 young men who attend our school.
  • Would a matching gift from my employer count toward capital initiatives?

    Yes! We strongly encourage you to check with your employer to see whether your gift is eligible to be matched. 如果你的雇主提供了相应的礼物计划, 请附上表格, which you can usually obtain from your Human Resources Department, 还有你给预科的礼物.
  • What is the difference between the Annual Fund and 资本项目?

    The Annual Appeal / Annual Fund and 资本项目 are two different but equally important funds at The Prep. Gifts to the Annual Appeal/ Annual Fund support the school’s operating budget, providing resources for the daily needs of students and faculty from classroom supplies and technology to maintaining infrastructure. 事实上, 每个学生的学费大约是2美元,000 less than the actual cost of educating him at The Prep thanks to the generosity of Prep alumni, 父母, 以及为年度呼吁捐款的朋友们. Capital gifts support long-term strategic projects that represent an investment in the school’s future. 这些礼物被用来加强建筑和设施, and to support our endowment which funds scholarship and tuition aid, 学生项目和教师发展与培训. These major undertakings stretch beyond the school’s operating budget. 因为预科学校有无债政策, any major projects not covered by the yearly budget require additional capital fundraising efforts.



  • 詹姆斯·博伊尔照片

    James Boyle Mr. 

    (973) 736-6861


查看足彩推荐软件app排名的 给予的方式 page to learn how many of our alumni and 父母 are making their gifts to The Prep!
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